My artichokes are looking beautiful

I think when they’re perfectly ready I’ll make some of these for those near and dear who need them: Artichoke and Hawthorn Bar for cholesterol (Recipe from the BBC’s Grow Your Own Drugs – James Wong) 4 artichokes 1 litre water 475 g hawthorn berries 225 g sugar 1 cinnamon stick Juice of 1 lime […]

It should be renamed Hard Labour Weekend

I ache. My hands, my arms, my legs, my torso, my ass, my toenails  – they all hurt. I have so much dirt encrusted in my hands and face,  it may be mistaken for a tan when I return to work tomorrow. If I make it that far. I’ve fallen asleep on the couch the […]

Am I just providing safe-harbour to an enemy?

I couldn’t help but bring it home. It’s just so pretty! Cytisus ‘Lilac time’ (Cytisus scoparius) is an evergreen shrub with very small leaves. Lilac-pink pea flowers adorn the bush in spring. I bought it in full-flower. It dazzled me with its charms. I failed to notice that it was in fact, a broom. There […]

Zucchini blossom end rot

So I was wondering why the zucchini plants growing in one bed were half the size of the ones growing in another. The answer became apparent as the zucchs set. The soil in one bed is lacking in calcium. The signs being a nasty little problem called Blossom End Rot. I’m ok with it as […]