Edible Backyard Summer Festival

The lovely Kath Irvine has invited to give seedsaving workshops at the Edible Backyard Summer Festival this February. I’ll also have the new collection of LovePlantLife Seeds available. Very excited! I’ve been to a herbal workshop at Kath’s before and can’t wait to spend two days back there in her wonderful garden with such a […]

A quick round-up: Less glyphosate, more mind-dump.

Valerian – Used by many to help with sleep. Flowering prolifically here right now, but there’s not much sleeping going on. For 9 months I almost had the perfect baby–happy, healthy and slept like a hibernating bear! From six weeks my little darling slept through the night – 11-12 hours. And now the bear has […]

Smelling the roses

I spent Election Day smelling the roses, literally. As there has been so much manure on the campaign trail, I thought it only fitting. I’m now as sunburnt as a Raspberry Ice floribunda. But I don’t think it’s that making me feel ill. I’ve been staying up late surrounded by Whittaker’s chocolate wrappers, with a […]

Early adopter or invasive species?

Much like kudzu, LovePlantLife is everywhere, climbing all over the internet, invading your social media space. A day after Google+ launched it’s +Pages, LPLL was up there staking it’s claim in the latest ‘social’ real estate. Quick, aye? Finger on the pulse. Actually it was completely accidental, but thanks Paul Callaghan for keeping me in […]