Treasury advice to NZ: Screw biosecurity, we want money

We should reduce “at the border” barriers and change new organisms regulations weakening the laws around the introduction of new organisms like genetically modified organisms, according to the Treasury Department. Treasury made the recommendation in their briefing to the Incoming Minister on Thursday. “Treasury should stick to what it does best – overestimating future economic […]

Child poverty should be putting you off your dinner

Image: Considering the very big dependency we have on food and the fact that mankind has been walking the earth and eating from it for the last however-many hundreds of generations, you’d really think it was about time we got better at feeding people, right?  Well, we suck. Not only are there famines in […]

Becoming New Fonterraland: GE, TPPA and BS

Holstein Freisian dairy cow – there’s 4.4 million of them in New Zealand. Image from Wikipedia. This is not a diatribe against cows, as previously stated I really do like the beasties. So news is out that National seek to allow the introduction of genetically engineered organisms into New Zealand. You know New Zealand–that previous […]