Plant books make great xmas pressies

It’s been quite a special year here at LovePlantLife HQ for a wide and wonderful variety of reasons. Another I’m very thankful for has been the chance to review some mighty fine books for Booksellers NZ. If you still have Xmas pressies to gather, or if you’re mustering the summer reading list these titles are […]


Gush! I just bought myself an early christmas present – a pair of Youngstown women’s garden gloves. And they’re ridiculously kickass! I have girly hands. They spend most of their time typing or writing or doing inside things. They do a lot of gardening too but are, well, girly and get cuts and knocks and […]

Food not Lawns – Heather C. Flores

Heather Flores is a green garden goddess. She has a vision – for lawns to give way to gardens and those gardens to feed and sustain communities. And she’s written down the blueprint for this garden revolution in Food not Lawns: How turn your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighbourhood into a Community. Food […]