Getting my seed geek on

Given the significant bout of inclement weather continuing this weekend, I shall be remaining inside. This provides me with a wonderful opportunity to finish packing up all the seeds scattered stacked overwhelming the dining room table and cataloguing them. Because I’m a geek. Well, not only for that reason. There’s no point in going through […]

LovePlantLife Seeds: Unveiling the Autumn Collection

The weather may be getting colder, but things are heating up at LovePlantLife HQ with the release of our autumn collection of seeds. We’ve handpicked eleven wonders. Together they form a winning vegetable garden combination, and singly, they’re all stars fit for any spare space in your plot. Greens are essential right now and we […]

A Seed Cathedral

Jaw-dropping! A six-storey pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai Expo, studded with 60,000 rods each containing seeds from the Millennium Seed Bank. (Thanks Richard and Inhabitat)

Growing magic beans

To me, seeds are mini miracles. When I hold them in my hand I get terribly excited by all that potential inside them. And eating something that grew from a little seed I planted and nurtured is simply incredible. Some seeds themselves taste delicious and some just look beautiful – some are both. I have […]