A Beginners Guide to the Weeds of Wellington: A Weedy Seedy Sunday

I do really enjoy doing Seedy Sunday Kapiti. There is just so much reward from these community gardener meetings. There are the interesting things people bring in for the swap table, the stories, the great speakers. But most of all it’s just the chance to chat and learn from locals. We had a small turn […]

Seedy Sunday, seed stores and seed sorting

In the interests of transparency, and because it’s been asked, it’s about time I explained some of the behind-the-scenes workings of Seedy Sunday. People want to know more about what happens with the seeds, where they come from and how they get looked after. There’s an entire ecosystem of seeds that keep Seedy Sunday running. […]

Prepping for another Seedy Sunday

So things are all aflutter here, for tomorrow is Seedy Sunday, Kapiti’s seed swapping extravaganza. The kitchen is covered in seeds, the table is covered in seeds, the floor is covered in seeds, I’m covered in seeds and yet there are still rows of little seed packets ready to go on the swap table. Due […]

Seedy Sunday Spring

Sunday 19 September 2pm Paraparaumu Memorial Hall, Tutanekai St Entry $2 He was such a hit last year that we’re bringing back Darcy Philp, chicken man and lead consultant on This Way Up’s Funky Chicken Farm project. Darcy will be bringing some of his favourite birds in, giving us a rundown on bird health and […]