Last Seedy Sunday for 2009

Wow! Isn’t it insane how this last month has just flown by? Sorry this is later than expected but we are on again for this weekend. I hope you’ve got all your leftover seeds or seedlings ready to swap? Maybe you have some tasty treats already coming out of your garden? Don’t let your veges […]

Growing magic beans

To me, seeds are mini miracles. When I hold them in my hand I get terribly excited by all that potential inside them. And eating something that grew from a little seed I planted and nurtured is simply incredible. Some seeds themselves taste delicious and some just look beautiful – some are both. I have […]

Seedy Sunday is next Sunday – September 20, 2pm – new venue!

Hoping to see you next Sunday! Because things have got a little bit tight lately, with SS becoming so popular, we’ve now had to move to a bigger venue – the Paraparaumu Memorial Hall on the corner of Tutanekai and Aorangi Sts. Click here to see it on Google Maps. This month, Dave Johnston will […]

Seedy Sunday – Kapiti – August 16

Yep, it’s that time again and we have Grant Lyon speaking about nutrient density in commercial and organic food and how to get those nutrients into your soil. He will be talking about Brix levels and refractometers and ways to get the best vegetables out of our gardens. I’ve found a bit of a basic […]