Leaves 25 April 2014

  Leaves links out to the very best plant-related content I’ve found on the world wild web this week. Seed sovereignty The seeds of 29 new varieties of crops have been released under a new ‘open source pledge’ that’s intended to safeguard the ability of farmers, gardeners and plant breeders to share those seeds freely. Making your food […]

Calming Melissa: How to use lovely lemon balm

It didn’t seem out of the ordinary to be struggling through the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and sometimes feel a little fractitious…ill-tempered…grumpy. Or so I reasoned as I stripped bare the flourishes of spring growth of my lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) 3 days into spring. I’d been hitting the stuff hard those last […]

White Jasmine Sparkling Tea – yummmmm…

I may have just found my new favourite drink. Irony being, it’s unlikely to ever pass my lips. New Zealand’s age-old problem with the tyranny of distance is taunting me with the internet waivering delectable treats in front of my eyes. I’m a huge fan of tea – particularly white tea and especially jasmine-infused. I’m […]

Drink tea

I drink a lot of tea. It doesn’t seem so next to my British in-laws who seem to constantly sip sugary, milky gumboot tea. But nearly all my fluid intake consists of pots of aromatic gorgeous brews of green or white teas, florally-infused blacks or herbal concoctions. Plants all brewed in water, imparting nutrients, vitamins, […]