uses for lemons 007: cleaning food stains off plastic

Tomato stains on your expensive Tupperware? Trying to reuse those takeaway containers for leftovers but they still have laksa stains on them? Mix lemon juice with baking soda to make a paste and cover the stains. Leave them alone for a couple of hours and wash those stains away. See more of LovePlantLife’s uses for […]

uses for lemons 006: preserved lemons

The beautiful mix of flavours, colours, textures; the sumptuous delights of far off places; the hints of allure, history and splendour-I adore Middle Eastern food. And thus, I am enamoured with preserved lemons, which I make every year and use in vegetables, couscous and tagines. The salt softens the acidity of the lemon, it becomes something […]

Uses for lemons 005: Ant Patrol

I bake a lot and I make lots of sweets and chocolate. I also live in an old house, on a sand dune, where ants like to feel at home.  So after any sugar-laden cooking session I need to clean up very well and I used to spend ages trying to get every last sugary […]

Uses for lemons 004: Deodorant

Nasty things are reported to be found lurking in deodorant bottles-parabens, PEGs, hormone-disrupting fragrances and antibacterials, petrochemicals, aluminum compounds. So throw it out and use your lemons! Just slice one in half and rub it under those armpits. The antibacterial properties will keep you feeling lemony fresh. Image from Wikimedia Commons. See more of LovePlantLife’s uses for lemons.