It was far too frickin freezing this morning to be outside. It was so cold that I even invited a Jehovah’s Witness in for a cup of tea. He politely declined, sensing I was a woman who simply couldn’t be saved and carried on his way. He was after all on a mission from God. […]

Seeds of Delight – Arbor Day Edition

June 5 is Arbor Day. Thousands of trees will be planted worldwide. People will revel in a feel-good moment. And most of those trees won’t make it to maturity because one day simply isn’t enough to ‘appreciate’ trees. We can’t just plant them and forget about them – they need to be cared for, weeded […]

My Pick For Christmas Green Genius Award

The cleverest idea I’ve seen for a enviro-friendly Christmas business Rent A Living Christmas Tree. (via the lovely Garden Rooms people.)

Humour tree

I needed a little Friday afternoon smile. Thanks Christoph Niemann for your lessons in Bio-Diversity. In completely un-plant related news, check out his book The Pet Dragon.