Fleeting Beauty

Ive just been reminded of a New Zealand short film I saw awhile ago. An Indian woman paints the story of spices onto the back of her lover. It’s just over 8 minutes and well worth a look. Enjoy! (Contains some scenes with naked flesh – if you are averse to such things please look […]

Emilia Hazelip’s Synergistic Gardening

I’ve taken procrastination to whole new levels on this one and for that I apologise. We showed the Synergistic Garden video by Emilia Hazelip at the May Seedy Sunday.  Finally, I manage to get the notes up and a couple of links for your edification. I have to admit, I’ve become a little obsessed by […]

The Queen Rejoins The Organic ‘Victory Garden’ Revolution

For the first time since the World War Two vegetables are being grown in the grounds of Buckingham Palace alongside ornamental plants. They’re also growing heirloom varieties for genetic conservation – YAY!

Jane Poynter – Biosphere 2: Ecophillia

I, like anyone else who has heard of it, am a massive fan of TED. To actually hear some of the world’s most inspirational, influential and downright clever people speak about topics for which they have a deep passion is simply phenomenal. The next stage of TED evolution has begun with TEDx – a program […]