Seed Savers Network: Seed Saving University on YouTube

We’ve struck seed-saving gold. A playlist of the best youtube videos on the subject curated by one of our heroes Michel Fanton from Seed Savers Network in Byron Bay, Australia. It was with the help of SSN’s books that LovePlantLife, the Kapiti Seed Store and Seedy Sundays got off the ground. I know what I’ll […]

Why trees?

Excellent presentation clearly explaining just why people need trees and the use of trees in urban settings. Wonderfully drawn.

Terrifically Useful Tuesday: Fungi will save the world, one hypha at a time

This post is part of Terrifically Useful Tuesday looking at the immense benefits plants have for people. See more in this series here. Paul Stamets: Mycelium Running For a truly mind-blowing experience you need to see this video. Hell, everyone needs to see it–you won’t look at the earth the same way again. Microscopic cells called mycelium—the fruit […]

A little music for your weekend’s gardening work

A little permaculture ditty I found to keep your spirits up and your gardening on track. The Permaculture Song by David Griswold.